Welcome to the first day of the 2012 Christmas Special of The Mighty Jambo!
You have no idea how much hard work it was to find just the right image for the cover of this comic. You can expect to see a lot in the up coming days and this cover has a lot of clues as to what. I remember it was a year ago when I pitched the idea to George about a Jambo One Shot. The story suited the Jambo universe and I had worked with George before for the Dead End Friends crossover.
What you will read will be one of the easiest scripts I’ve ever written. In fact, I wrote it in one day, not because I was in a rush, but because I couldn’t wait to get to the end. If you feel half as excited as I do about what is going to happen next, then you’ve got a long wait for Christmas.
Until then, have a look as some of the art featured in today’s cover made by yours truly.
Merry December day!
~ Michael Georgiou