So here it is, the original script for Christmas Confidential. Click here to view it. I’ve edited a few bits and pieces just to make sure the grammar makes sense and the little errors are fixed (like that one time I turned Jambo into a woman), but this is pretty much what I sent George last year. Also, I’ve added some edits of some of the pages that we made while making the comic this December.

The intention of sharing this script is so that any other artists or writers who either want to get into writing comics, anyone who wants to see the differences between what’s written and what the artist changes or anyone who fancies a good whinge is free to do so.

And that’s it! No more extras! But if you REALLY feel like you’d want more Christmas Confidential, you’re more than welcome to read it from the beginning by clicking here.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and under your trees, you found a fruity smelling present wrapped in newspaper…

~ Michael Georgiou, signing off.