On the first day of X-men, Geebie gave to thee,
Jambo dressed like Wolverine!

So I’ve had an idea…

I’ve been crazy busy (still) with everything going on of late, so in order to get back into the swing of things with this drawing lark I’ve come up with a silly little idea called “The Twelve Days of X-men”

This Wolverine costume will always be my favourite of his thousands and thousands of redesigns because it’s the one he was wearing when I started reading the comic but… Seriously? What’s with those boots? It seems like pretty much all the X-men from the “Giant Sized” reboot have godawful footwear, with the possible exception of Nightcrawler because, well, what else were you gonna put on those feet?

So anyway, tune in tomorrow for another of our cast dressed as a much more famous superhero from Marvel’s merry band of mutants!