On the Twelth day of X-men, Geebie gave to thee,
Jambo as Cable,
Warp as Pixie,
Cheezar as Nightcrawler,
Wrath as Storm,
M as Beast,
Warp as Blink,
Angel Delight as Rogue,
Reject as Forge,
M as Colossus,
Wrath as Emma Frost,
Cheezar as Chamber,
And Jambo dressed like Wolverine!

I think my favourite thing about Cable is that he only exists thanks to eleventh hour changes to a storyline. As I understand it, he was originally meant to be Sam Guthrie from the future (see how Cannonball can easily be shortened into Cable?) but for whatever reason they decided to scrap all that and make him Cyclops wayward time-travelling techno-virus infected son who vanished in an X-Factor storyline. That said, he’s still one of my favourite characters and has had some great storylines over the years… In fact the current run of “Cable and X-Force” is one of the few comics I’m collecting on a weekly basis.
That’s your lot for the twelve days of X-men, hope you enjoyed it! It became a bit more of a chore for me than I meant it to in the end but hey ho!
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I’ll be back soon with the long-awaited next issue of The Mighty Jambo!
Stay tuned!