Ok, so I know a lot of you will be disapointed with this post and to be honest, I’d rather not be writing it.

The point is I don’t want to put out anything other than my best work into this comic, and if I tried to carry on right now I’d end up chained to my tablet every hour I’m not at the dayjob and I know my work would suffer as a result. Hence taking the hard decision to go on hiatus.

This is by no means the end (I’m still really excited about where the story is headed) but you guys’re gonna have to hang on for a bit while I sort my life out… I’ll be at Thought Bubble in November (sharing a table with the amazing Paul Fryer) with issue #6 for sale and as the image suggests, the website will be updating again in December.

Thanks for all your support and understanding!

I’ll see you round!