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Starting tomorrow, you will see the return of The Mighty Jambo in a very special one shot story! Not only that, you’ll get a new page, everyday, leading up to Christmas. Yep, you guessed it, it’s another Christmas Special!

If you saw it last year, George did a very special one shot comic in a very similar vein. The only difference this year is that:

a) It won’t rhyme.
b) It’s going to be a collaboration.

In case you haven’t noticed, George isn’t being pretentious and speaking in the third person, this news bit is being written by Michael Georgiou. If you don’t know who this interloper is, I did a couple of pages for Dead End Friends and I do two of my own comics, the web series Steve & Bob and Elemental Micah (plugplugplug!)

So, starting Saturday 1 December 2012, the series will start with the cover and then the story will begin Sunday 2 December.

I have no idea what to expect (which is weird since I wrote it!) but I’m really excited to see what George will do with the script and boy oh boy, there are some amazing fighting scenes in this!

Cheers guys and Merry December!
~ Michael Georgiou