Dr. Wilson said it best when she said that Cheezar has a tendency to steal the spotlight. This page was important to be because Cheezar had to be Cheezar even in his alter-ego as Derek Draper. It was important he didn’t steal the limelight. I wanted to show that there was a mutual friendship here and despite Wilson’s competitiveness, none of them tries to steal the limelight from each other when they’re together.

Also, in the script, I wrote that he wrapped Jambo’s present in newspaper instead of wrapping paper. There’s something about this mixed Derek’s slight snobbery about using the bus that pleases me.

It’s the last one tomorrow. If you can resist the urge to run downstairs and unwrap your presents, I recommend spending your morning reading the whole comic right from the beginning.

Not because I’m trying to push Christmas Confidential like crazy, but because I did this the other day. I found it oddly gripping (oddly coz I wrote it and forgot most of what I wrote!) It’s something I’m very proud of and, if anything, it’ll make you want to grip your partner, sibling or anyone you love that little bit more affectionately when sitting under the Christmas tree. See? I can be soppy sometimes…

~ Michael Georgiou