These are two characters who would normally have nothing to talk about, discover this one connection. This connection to a world that rare few people have creates a sort of bond. One thing I loved about writing this story is just how childish they both are. You can imagine that being a superhero can be one hell of a power trip, but they also become unwittingly arrogant about their own abilities and become competitive about who has the better adventures.
James sees Angel Delight as this golden age superhero. Someone he might have admired as a child, but has forgotten about in time. To accidently meet her alter-ego blows opens up as many bits of trivia he has gathered in his life. He treats her like an equal, but it takes a sharp rebate from her to remember that she can break him in two with minimal effort.

Dr. Wilson sees Jambo as a bit of a joke. I mean really, who decides to become a superhero after they realise they can control jam? Of all things? This is magnified somewhat by James’ flippant attitude to his health. Anyone who takes four weeks to get a crocodile bite seen to must be a bit of a plonker. During the crunch point where she barely thinks he’s worth the valuable information she’s giving him, his sincerity of wanting to be prepared for the future reminds her that she wasn’t always the great, wise thing she is now. It takes the strength of a superhero to share her most tragic story and she respects Mr. Johnson a lot more afterwards for his earnest reaction (which was pretty much being speechless)

The little, old lady and the trendy young man made this story. True there was the fighty, smashy, superhero bits, but honestly, I loved writing the quiet moments between Willow and James.

Tomorrow, the story of the elusive Daisy Daze.