No one knows the story of Daisy Daze. She was an enigma at her peak and she startled her foes not with a short skirt or a “boob window”, but with her style, class and athletic prowess. Daisy Daze was the Batman of her time and she vanished. Nobody suspected who she was, what her power was exactly or what happened to her.

What some people did know what that she had an incredibly versatile power, the ability to shoot any type of energy from her eyes. It could be a fire beam, ice beam, laser punches, pretty much anything anyone can imagine.

Now Daisy came about by people who say they want to be Superman when asked if they could be any superhero. Why would you choose Superman? Well, he’s the most powerful and the powers he have make him incredibly versatile to fight not only crime, but natural disasters. What I wanted to sow with Daisy Daze is that sometimes, choosing to be all powerful isn’t necessarily the wisest choice.

In time, Daisy noticed her eye beams were getting more and more powerful. Her visor was used less as a durable mask to cover her identity and more to amplify her powers, yet they seemed to always be getting stronger. A laser turned from a red dot pointer, to something that could cut through paper, to something that could cut through bricks, then metal, then even diamonds.

This could have been due to her diligence of being the best athlete she could be or it could be something else.

The story doesn’t make it clear if Daisy knew about the tumour in her brain, but it does heavily imply that this was amplifying her powers. Dr. Wilson does not treat this bit of news with kindness and believes that Daisy didn’t have the tumour operated on or even cured by Willow herself because of vanity. Dr. Wilson believes Daisy did it to be the most powerful person she can be and hates that Daisy was so vain. The thought of Daisy doing it because she didn’t want Angel to leave her terrifies her and is something she avoids thinking.

So Daisy died saving the world and this is the greatest secret in superhero history. If the story was made public, Daisy would have been treated like a hero, an idol. But since the story is Wilson’s alone, Daisy’s memory is sullied by Wilson’s bitterness and loneliness.

Tomorrow, the story of the incredible Angel Delight.