Wonder Woman! That name was taken, but boy oh boy was she an inspiration for Angel Delight! Angel has the powers of the mightiest superhero. She can fly, deflect bullets, stop trains and save the world without breaking a sweat. It would be hard not to be arrogant with these powers and if anyone ever call her arrogant, then their limbs would resemble something you’d see in the Tate gallery.

The rarest addition to her powers is that she can heal just by touching and concentrating hard on what needs healing. While Angel can pretty much diagnose any visual medical problems or anything that can be described, can’t sense ailments by touch. That said, she was always reluctant to heal anyone with bad bowels. Well you would, wouldn’t you?

Angel doesn’t need armour, her skin deflects bullets and swords, so her costume needed to be airy and very retro. A flowing dress that avoids the skin tight spandex for the retro fifties look mixed with the Charlies Angels hair seemed right. That and having two thin trails instead of a cape symbolised the imaginary angel wings she had. She often told people that’s all she needed to fly. When villains believed that chopping these off would stop her flying abilities, they always had a nasty shock afterwards.

Angel Delight loves Daisy Daze. Two completely different superheroes who were both extremely competent and fancied the pants off each other. True, same sex relationships were frowned on at the time, but this was made more acceptable because, well, you wouldn’t want to tick off Angel Delight. As angelic as she seemed, she had a fiery temper which lasted as long as it took to knock some teeth out.

So if Angel has the ability to heal, why is she a little old lady in the time James Johnson comes to visit? The reason is heavily implied in the story and I don’t want to ruin any theories that might be floating around, but this is what happens when the arrogant ones don’t get their way.

Tomorrow, the best bits!