Here are a few of my favourite illustrations taken from this month’s comic. It might be wise to read the thing first if you haven’t yet as there will be spoilers and most importantly, it just won’t make any sense!

1. Incendria’s appears. She only appears once in the entire story, but boy does she stand out.

2. A crocodile looms. I love what George has done with with panel. I was vague at best with how this would look and he’s just turned it into a retro horror scene.

3. Dr. Wilson is a superhero! After witnessing a rather heart wrenching death, Dr. Wilson is going to destroy that crocodile!

4. Fighting a robot run with the reanimated brain of Adolf Hitler. This is the first time you properly see Angel Delight in her full costume and boy did Beedham go all out on this panel.

5. Never get Dr. Wilson angry. When Dr. Wilson dismisses superheroes as silly, she can’t help but get riled up when James calls Angel Delight one of the great forgotten superheroes.

6. “Exotic animals”. Introducing the first member of The Gnasher Gang, the first moment we see something rather special in Christmas Confidential.

7. That kiss! When the sidekick relationship turns into love.

8. The Crater. The devistating end of The Majestic Phantom and The Glory.

9. The Fall of Ronin Hoog. A rather marvellous end to the world ending comet.

10. And I’m adding this coz I just had to add a scene with James and Dr. Wilson. I love that Dr. Wilson is holding a crocodile tooth extracted from Jame’s shoulder after FOUR weeks. FOUR.

One more bit tomorrow, I won’t say what it is, but I will say it might be handy for anyone thinking of starting their own comic…