JamboThe Mighty Jambo

Real Name: Unrevealed
Former Aliases: None
Current Status: Comatosed in Haddacohl City Hospital

Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190 lbs

Hair Colour: Black
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Jambo #1

Powers: The ability to sculpt Jam (any flavour) with his thoughts. Jambo is also in peak physical condition.

Weapons: Jambo’s powers mean he can create virtually any weapon by simply sculpting it from jam which is pumped from the tank he carries in a tank on his back through pipes mounted on the sleeves of his costume. He has been seen sculpting everything from claws to slides for transportation.

Biography: The son of an engineer and part-time inventor, Jambo lead a fairly unremarkable childhood until one day he discovered while day dreaming over a jam sandwich that the filling began to quiver and move in a bizarre fashion. He began to practise this in secret and eventually learned that, for whatever reason, Jam obeyed his thoughts. He decided to try and use his power to help people and so became an amateur super hero, designing himself a costume and modified one of his fathers’ designs for an arm mounted fire extinguisher to enable him to shoot Jam and manipulate it as he needed. By this time he was ready to leave for university and although he spent some time studying he found that he could not continue his studies and continue his extra-curricular activities. Despite his family being strongly opposed to the move he dropped out of his course and moved in with an old friend from college who had also mysteriously manifested a bizarre power: super speed. Being his father’s son, Jambo decided this warranted further investigation but between his friends lack of interest and his own adventures the mystery ended up being left unsolved.

After the injuries he sustained in A Quiche Too Far Jambo has been rendered comatosed and currently resides in Haddacohl City Hospital’s coma ward under armed guard.

The Astonishing CheezarCheezar

Real Name: Derek Draper
Former Aliases: None
Current Status: Active Super Hero/Wanted Fugitive

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 185 lbs

Hair Colour: Brown with two yellow streaks that run from his temples to the back of his head
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Jambo #1

Powers: Has The ability to “Cheese It” at supersonic speeds. The upper limit of this power has not yet been reached. His body has adapted to living at high speeds: His enhanced metabolism allows him to deal with disease or poison that would take months for a normal person to recover from in a matter of minutes. His respiratory system has also adapted so he can extract oxygen as the air thunders past him. His body, including the eyes, is also toughened against the stresses of travelling at super sonic speeds.

Weapons: None

Biography: Cheezar has been a hero of sorts for most of his life. His powers emerged when he was fairly young and he wasted no time in putting them to use as any comic book fan would: he became a superhero. After several solo adventures he joined a group of young heroes known as Team H-A-M (a peace-keeping force funded by The Hamilton Foundation). He didn’t really fit in particularly well due to┬áhis tendancy to show off and play the fool but was still well liked by his team mates. Well liked, that is, untill he was discovered (a month or so after his friend Reject had quit the team) taking illicit pictures of some of his female team mates and publishing them on a pay-per-view website. Needless to say this scandal resulted in his expulsion from the team which suited Cheezar fine as he’d decided to do this instead of simply quitting the team.

Despite this set back Cheezar continued to dabble in superheroism. After a few close shaves with the law and some questionable judgements about who “deserved saving” he was convinced to tone down his activities and eventually ended up sharing a flat with Jambo, a friend from college who had also manifested some bizarre powers and spent some time superheroing.

After the events of A Quiche Too Far Cheezar has fallen upon hard times: his best friend is lying in a coma, the public at large believe he is a criminal after he mistakenly beat up a policeman who was posing as a drug dealer, he is being hunted by the police and a host of metahuman bounty hunters and to top it all off… someone blew up his flat! Cheezar has vowed to find the culprit and expose (what he believes to be) the conspiracy behind his recent misfortunes; clearing his name by any means necessary!

Monkus T PastryThe Mysterious Monkus T Pastry

Real Name: Unrevealed
Former Aliases: None
Current Status: Unknown

Height: 6’4″
6’7″ (in armored form)
Weight: 250 lbs.
500 lbs. (in armored form

Hair Colour: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue-Grey

First Appearance: Jambo #1

Powers: A master swordsman, MTP has trained his entire life and his body reflects that. His main power is the ability to manifest an almost indestructable form of pastry-based armour over his skin which enhances his already formidable strength and allows him to survive without oxygen or food.

Weapons: The weilder of the legendary “Dual Blades Of Bentos” which have been passed to the greatest warrior of MTP’s clan for hundreds of years.

Biography: Orphaned while still an infant, Monkus was one of many children taken from orphanages in a series of raids by a secret ninja society looking for children to recruit and train. As such much of his life is shrouded in secrecy, what is known is that he inherited the Dual Blades Of Bentos and as such he must have been a prodigy from an early age.

He also has some history with The Drunkard and the twisted villainess Quichara. Though the extent of this involvement has yet to be revealed (stay tuned kids -G)