So this weekend was my first ever time attending the MCM Expo… which is weird given that I’ve been as far afield as Leeds to promote my comic! You’d think I’d be all for visiting a massive convention only a few miles from my house right?

It’s a bit of a weird show for me, but to be honest they all have the potential to be a bit odd. Y’see I have a problem when trying to get people to read this comic which is it falls into a weird little No Man’s Land of being too super-heroey for the indy comics crowd but at the same time the super hero audience tends to follow the big names of Marvel and DC etc. But yeah the big thing about this convention for me was the sheer size of the damn thing! IT WAS HUGE!

I’m not sure of the official figures but I was reliably informed there was still a two hour wait to get in at 3pm on the Saturday (having been open to the public from 9am that morning and closing at 6pm!) and this huge volume of visitors meant it felt like I wasn’t doing too well at selling my stuff. It’s only now that I check my sales list that I realise it was my most successful convention ever. So maybe that stuff earlier about No Man’s Land is in my head eh? But all this makes it sound like I didn’t enjoy myself, which is nonsense, mainly due to what you can see in this next picture:

I didn’t want this post to be just about name-dropping but can you see that lineup? That’s Becky Cloonan, Kate Brown and Paul Duffield sitting next to me while I chat to David Wynne, with Richard Starkings just out of shot across the way… I’d have felt completely out of my league (which might even have been what Mr. Wynne was trying to reassure me about when this pic was taken) if they weren’t all such bloody nice people!

Like I said I don’t want this to be about name droppingĀ  so I’m not going to list everyone who made this weekend great (and there were a lot of you) but instead I’d just like to say “Thanks” to everyone who came down and bought/swapped books, picked up a flyer/business card or even just had a chat with me. You all made it a fantastic weekend and I can’t wait for the next show I do! (But a special thanks should go to Paul for not leaving me stranded on Saturday night like the idiot I am!)

So yeah I think that just about wraps it up… if you wanna donate to my charity falling-to-my-death fund then the link is here and the comic’ll update as usual tomorrow morning!

Stay tuned!