Ok so, some of you will have noticed that this site has been down for ages.

Basically there were issues with the install and since I wasn’t drawing these anymore I didn’t notice/care

I’ve decided to resurrect this site to a degree, the comics are all there but sadly the database which housed all the posts that went with them got eaten by some virus or other which brought down the site in the first place. So no witty commentary exists for these strips anymore… Just the comics themselves and a bare bones website to house them for your viewing pleasure. I didn’t want these things to disappear altogether because they were an important part of my development as a Drawther and my life at some stage. Kind of like a photo album if you drew all the pictures yourself?

Anyway, hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. The majority of you will know that I’m doing new stuff over at The Mighty Jambo so hopefully I’ll see you over there sometime!